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Which I like in Habanita but not here, in such a dense and busy composition. like others have said, wait a few minutes after you spray it it has to evolve in itself and then you can smell the powdery incense stick. At first sniff I thought this was not for me, but like Shalimar I soon realised just how wrong I was.There's also a functional clean laundry smell to it and I'd say that if you're not sentimentally attached to Ciara, it smells a bit like a special edition fabric conditioner. Give this one a minute to develop and chill out and the result is Amazing.It might be one of my most favourite and cherished scents.It lasts and lasts, and you really need 1-3 sprays MAX!!!While this debuted in 1973, and Revlon now makes this and not the original Revson..scent has basically stayed the same, and this is a VERY good thing! To be honest, they smell about the same..I always reach for the 100 Strength.This fragrance is made in 80, 100 and 200 Strength. I do not find the 100 "stronger", but it does last longer and yet I always feel the 100 Strength is softer, more rounded and just wears incredibly well throughout the day (or night). If you like scents like vintage 1977 Opium, Shalimar, Youth Dew, Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille, Tom Ford Noir de Noir, Original CK Obsession, Tabu, Angel..will FLIP over Ciara.

The 31-year-old singer, who also shares 3-year-old Future with her ex rapper beau Future, chose the figure hugging frock as part of her comeback ensemble.

Youth Dew, Opium etc are too much for me in perfume form but the lotions are nice.

If Ciara is not the Queen of Powder, I don't know what is.

The frock was cinched in at the waist, drawing attention to her remarkably slimmed-down waist, and featured an elegant asymmetric neckline.

Making the most of her natural beauty, the Goodies hitmaker opted for bold brows and lashings of mascara, adding a hint of pink lipgloss to her full pout and accentuating her chiselled features with a dab of highlighter.

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The box it comes in is beautiful, but the bottle and cap is very generic and kind of cheap..very functional. I'll update my review once I get to know this fragrance a bit better. This fragrance doesn't have a nuclear sillage, but it lasts forever! I am head-over-heels in love with this genre of fragrance, and the majority of my fellow millennials feel that these frags are "old lady". Oh, I forgot to mention the price of this gem, cheap cheap cheap! @Albertos: Sir, please wear anything and everything your heart desires.

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