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Untyped languages such as Perl and Ruby do not have any such requirements – any variable can store any type of value.Of course, these languages do not eliminate validation problems – you may still run into trouble if you use a string to retrieve an item from an integer- indexed array.Alternative libraries specifically designed with security in mind are often more robust.The choice of programming languages can play a role in the potential severity of input validation vulnerabilities.Any input that comes into a program from an external source – such as a user typing at a keyboard or a network connection – can be the source of security concerns and disastrous bugs.All input should be treated as potentially dangerous.Some languages provide additional help in the form of built-in procedures that can be used to remove potentially damaging characters from input strings.A robust program will respond to invalid input in a manner that is appropriate, correct, and secure.

If video does not work, try refreshing the page: All input data is a potential source of problems.

because, assume the string is a valid one, then according to the way you described in this last post, the count variable should be 4 at the end, not five (if there are six characters, and five of them are letters, count would be five for counting letters, and subtract one for the number in the string, you get four) however, I believe that using regular expressions are what are used for string validation most of the time, but this way you one learns using java classes, not so much thinking as a programmer.

@bibiki the counter will count to six not to five so at the end it will be five if there five characters .

Hi Everyone, So I just finished writing a program from my Java class,except I can't figure out how to validate the book ID. if length == 6 then you can loop in your String using for loop for example .

"In the Book class, you need to provide a validate method that validate weather the book id is correct. make variable counter count the character of the String if this count after the loop = 5 return true; else return false @Norm R1 if this count after the loop = 5 return true the length is 6 five are character and the six is .....

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For user input, this will often mean providing an informative error message and requesting re-entry of the data.