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Extensive Web Language Support Website Builder includes tag dialogs and full support for HTML, XHTML, Active Server Pages, PHP, Cold Fusion and Javascript.

Utilize the dozens of tag dialogs to make code authoring a whole lot easier.

Password protect Windows Desktop and Store apps Win Guard locks your app using password protection.

It does this by scanning for programs you add to its blacklist.

The MSHTML engine is improved greatly and supports code preservation and advanced table editing features.

Check page accessibility, convert documents from html to xhtml (vice-versa), convert html pages to CSS, fix common page errors, clean up Microsoft exported Word documents, convert page encoding types and perform dozens of other tasks. Developed by the W3C.i Scripts™ Insert and use over 200 available Instantz scripts.

i Scripts allow you to add interactive Javascript & DHTML scripts into web documents with ease.

Ditch your local web server because Website Builder now renders/previews SSI includes internally.

Sitetree/ Link Checking Tool Shows you broken/valid links to ensure there are no 404/broken links on your websites.

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