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As far as I could tell, the 1959 Fisher & Fisher biography [Fisher, Margery and James, , London: Barrie, 1957.

See page 298 where Shackleton's letter to The Times appears.] has no mention of the ad, but it does mention the 5000 applicants (along with a letter from 3 women).

29th and 30th, 1913 and gives a few quoted segments from those stories.

Huntford casts doubt on the story of the ad and he read the stories from the London Times. It seems pretty clear from the material presented in the three biographies that the "ad" did not run prior to the Endurance Expedition. | We are able to announce to-day, with a satisfaction which will be universally shared, that Sir Ernest Shackleton will lead a new expedition to the South Pole next year.

One thing in favour of this hypothesis is the dates: I think it is more likely to have survived as folklore from the 1960s than from the 1900s -- especially if there are few citations until the late 20th century alleging its existence.

Tilman wrote in 1961 (in Tilman, HW (1961) Voyage to the Îles Crozet and Îles Kerguelen, 127(3): 310-16) : p 310) A month before sailing [for the Crozet and Kerguelen] I had two [crew].

Roland Huntford's 1986 biography of Shackleton [, London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1985.

See pages 362 and 365] reports the ad and attributes it to something titled "Quoted, The World's 100 Greatest Advertisements." Huntford also talks about the contents of stories from The Times on Dec.

First, the wording in the ad is consistent with the phrasing of 'situations-vacant' ads of the time.

Watkins was an advertising copy writer and a possible source for him was a now defunct journal for copywriters 'Advertising and Selling'.

The Watkins' book is the source for the Huntford biography.

The funds at present at our disposal admit of the following programme.

The shore party of nine or twelve men will winter with sufficient equipment to enable three separate parties to start out in the spring.

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My guess is that that biography is the source for the wider dissemination of the ad.