Sexy boot camp

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I have been with She Rocks now for over a year and feel better than ever. She Rocks Fitness has helped me get into four dress sizes smaller and more cash in my wallet. I initially wanted to lose 75lbs, and even though it sounded impossible… For me the biggest challenge finding an environment that where I felt comfortable and not self-conscience. - 30 days from now you will either be a month older or maybe a few pounds heavier or you can be 2 dress sizes smaller and closer to your fitness goal.I like the variety of the exercises and how fast the workouts are. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to see results I first found She Rocks Fitness when looking for an alternative to “the gym.” I had become bored and often found myself dreading the workouts that were having less and less effect on my body. Don't hesitate, make the right decision and call 949-400-7629 and start your 1 week FREE trial.

He was very motivating and helped me through difficult times in my work out to get me through. I have more motivation to chase my kids around and I sleep more soundly. Not only are you going to become a sexier, toner, more energized, newer you; you are going to be the healthiest woman that you can be. we are not here to pamper you, become your therapist or listen to you complain.We are here to get serious results in the shortest time possible. She Rocks Fitness 9582 Hamilton Ave Huntington Beach, CA (949) 400-7629 Dear Ladies, My name is Michael Sperling; I want to let you know I'm committed to you.Since then I have been hooked and could not think of going back to a “gym” style workout. be the Mom who sits on the sideline and watch her kids play. Don't let another minute go by…call 949-400-7629 right now or register here to start your 1 week FREE trial!

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I like how the workouts are quick and as challenging as I make them.

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