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Vetted members gain access to private dating cocktail parties and creative events aimed at a well-educated, ambitious crowd who want to date offline. You want to turn a friend into a boyfriend and are wondering if he feels the same way. You made mistakes in a past relationship and now you want to win back an ex. He says he loves you but he's scared of commitment. Find out if you're in a romantic entanglement, rather than a grown-up relationship that will lead toward commitment.Bumble, ever the better example of how dating apps should work, has Vi Bee, a verification-based extra layer which rewards good behaviour, like how many conversations you initiate and maintain.The cynicism fuelling Tinder has never been a secret, but even by that standard Select just seems like a very bad business decision.I was looking for a thread that was applicable to my situation but came across yours and felt compelled to reply.

Matchmaking companies are devoted to finding suitable romantic partners for their customers.

Given that the service has been active for at least six months, and no announcements were ever made, it's a fair bet that Tinder didn't really ever expect/want the wider user base to know that it even existed.

One reason for this (besides the obvious elitism) is the notion that the Tinder 'Elo score' might contribute to who does and doesn't get added to Select.

In my mind, the most successful user of a dating app is surely someone who doesn't need to be on it anymore - someone who has found a partner.

According to Tinder, the most 'successful' users are actually famous people, models, CEOs, movers and shakers and other members of the wealthy elite.


I'm booked in for a scan on Tuesday, to see how things are going.

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