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The Investigating Body may suggest price undertakings, if it determines that a threat of injury is more likely to be realized if the dumped or subsidized imports continue to exist, but no exporter or government shall be forced to enter into such undertakings.

The exporters of the product under investigation in the cases of dumping or the importers of the product under investigation or the governments of the importing countries in the case of subsidy may, on the approval of their governments, submit to the Investigating Body price undertakings to increase the prices of their exports to Lebanon, to eliminate the margin of dumping or subsidy which has been determined in the preliminary determination.

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Increased Imports: Where a product – other than dumped or subsidized – is imported to Lebanon in such increased quantities, either in absolute terms to imports or relative to domestic production, as to cause or threaten to cause Normal value: The value of the like product when destined for consumption in the exporting country or in the country of origin or the cost of production in the country of origin plus a reasonable amount of administrative, selling and general Provisional measures: Measures that prevent injury or the threat of injury, being caused during the investigation period.

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