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Any umbrellas, shading devices, or other obstructions shall not impede upon the franchises line of sight or access or egress for purposes of public safety. Any umbrellas, shading devices, or other obstructions cannot obstruct the view of the lifeguard's area of responsibility and may be removed.No shading devices or other obstructions may be placed within ten (10) feet of any established umbrella line.This shall not include any activities taking place on the platform of the pier.means those vehicles and vessels whose use on public beaches and on the Atlantic Ocean are deemed essential by the local, state, and federal agencies.All shading devices are prohibited from being tied, bound, joined, or connected in any manner.Excluding umbrellas, all shading devices shall be secured in such fashion to restrict uncontrolled movement of the device and secured with fasteners, stakes, weights, or the like that will not endanger beach patrons.Any person(s) who baits, fish for, or otherwise attracts sharks or other marine animals that may indanger the public within one (1) mile of the beach or any coastal waters are in violation of this ordinance.All fishermen shall release at time of recognition any and all fish or other similar type animals that may pose any danger to any beach goers, sunbathers, swimmers or any other person where the fish or animal is caught.

Lifeguard stands access, egress and line of sight are to remain unobstructed. Any shading devices, or other obstructions that impeded upon the franchisee's established umbrella line may be moved landward of the established umbrella line.

The committee shall adopt its own rules of procedure and by-laws subject to approval by city council, and shall meet as often as it shall deem necessary to study issues of particular significance to the preservation and development of the beach.

The beach advisory committee shall submit a report to city council in March of each year which shall advise council on the activities of the committee for the preceding year, and submit the committee's recommendations, if any, for action to be taken by city council.

It shall be unlawful to place a sailboat on a dune or move a sailboat over a dune under any circumstances.(4) Sailboats left on the beach overnight must display on the starboard stern a beach permit decal issued by the city police department.

Decals will be valid for the calendar year in which they are issued and shall be issued at no cost to the registrant.

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Anchoring lines, tethers, or the like shall not extend beyond the perimeter of the shading device.

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