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Miljonjakten online dating

However, the special section for the player's supporters has been removed, since the celebrity player of the day is also part of the 20 Lucky Stars, so after each star's situated briefcase is opened, they would sit in the audience space provided with a special platform row and would help the player in case if he/she has a difficult time during case selection at gameplay.

Generally, the celebrity's designated briefcase as a Lucky Star would be their briefcase for play once chosen.

The Banker's offer may be higher or lower than the previous offer (if a top prize is eliminated, generally the offer decreases; conversely, if lower amounts are eliminated the offer increases significantly).

The contestant is shown a button to press in case the contestant takes the banker's offer.

Each contestant receives a new, randomly assigned set of cases.

The prizes range in amounts from PHP1 to PHP2,000,000. After picking a case, the contestant then selects six of the remaining 25 cases, revealed one at a time.

Subsequent rounds have the contestant withdrawing five, four, three, then two cases from play, with Banker's offer appearing in between rounds; should the contestant continue to decline The Banker's offer after the two cases were picked, he/she then eliminates one case at a time (with an intervening offer from The Banker) until two cases are left.

As the field of briefcases dwindles, one or more of the supporters are asked to consult with the contestant and help him/her make a decision.

These exchanges have become emotional, particularly when very high and very small amounts remained and The Banker offers a large cash buyout.

This is followed by a "phone call" by "The Banker", a mysterious figure whose face is not shown (at times a silhouette can be seen).

He purportedly sits in a skybox (situated between the two audience sections) and makes an offer, via telephone to the host (his voice is never heard) to buy the contestant's case based on the mean of the cash amounts still in play, and also based on the player's psychology. In more recent episodes, the banker "punishes" a player of opening a large amount by offering a very small amount, despite the number of larger amounts still left in play.

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The second season premiered in June 2007, and was supposed to end in October of the same year.