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What was immediately clear was that the VOZZ is not some funky gimmick. You’ll recall all the cat-like hissing when ABS first appeared. Then it saved my arse once and I became a believer.It is, for all intents and purposes, a very good lid. There are two identical red buttons on the side of the lid, which are the release latches.I understand that kind of compatibility is on its way and will appear on a future iteration of the VOZZ.For the moment, you’ll have to yell, like a normal person.For starters, where a normal helmet has an edge around the bottom, the VOZZ has a flat surface.It should, in theory, be kinder to your collar bones and sternum in case of hyper-extension of the neck in those directions. Paramedics will cut a normal lid off a rider if they cannot get it off his head without further injuring his neck.

It feels a bit like having a big, soft claw gently holding your bonce.

They also tried to pull it apart in the factory with steel cables and found that the shell failed before the lock did.

And all of this is cool, but then you put one on your head and ride yourself into a tree. What advantage does the strapless design offer those poor unfortunates who have broken Rule Number One?

The VOZZ has two recessed screws covered by grommets where the hinge lives.

Pop out the grommets; unscrew the screws, and the whole front of the lid lifts off, while the back remains to support your head while they get a collar on you.

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It was 35 degrees at SMP, and the venting worked well.