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It hangs absolutely true, so it was always possible for workmen to find a true vertical.Antique plumb bobs often were shaped like common staples such as pears, carrots or turnips.Disston is a noted manufacturer of antique handsaws, and you can tell a Disston saw by the stamped name on the spine and a gold medallion on the handle bearing a small insignia.Collectors may also want to look for these details: Hand drills came in many different shapes, styles and varieties.Some to keep an eye out for include: Look for chisels with wooden handles or with specialty, curved blades.Ideally, you'll be able to find hand tools in person.From flea markets to online shops, it's possible to find enough antique and vintage hand tools to satisfy even a niche collector.

The fingers of the hand are then wrapped across the top of the saw handle.Whether you are a novice collector or are looking to add specific pieces to your collection, this handy guide will give you the basics of collecting antique hand tools.Wood planes are one of the most popular collectible hand tools around.My suspicions were confirmed when I took the handle off.The saw nuts were an early type used just after the split nut variety.

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